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“As a songwriter, Kat is distinguished by her attention to fostering connections.”
                     - The Current

Origin: Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan

Genre: Folk Rock

Label: Independent

Kat Steih is an artist, musician, and educator with a philosophy of using improvisation to express the "emotion of the moment." She is an accomplished vocalist, sound designer, and composer, who has performed throughout the United States and world-wide, with a focus on free, powerful expression the whole time. 

Kat's artistic path has not always been a smooth one. She has had to overcome obstacles including learning disabilities, performance anxiety, and a period of singing difficulties, which culminated in vocal surgery and a period of vocal rest when she could only speak for a few moments per day. Her triumphant latest release, Hymns of the Huron, is her first after this period of trials. It was recorded at Willis Sound in Willis, Michigan by Ben Lorenz and Jim Roll, and released independently on September 15th, 2019.

Kat is distinguished by her joyful and affective live performances, as well as her reputation as a creative maverick whose prolific creative output demonstrates her ethos of "expression over perfection." Hymns of the Huron has touched audiences with its simplicity, authenticity and relaxed resonance.

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Kat Steih
Media Kit
Kat Steih Hi-Res Promo Photo by Heather Nash, 2019
Kat Steih Hi-Res Promo Photo by Heather Nash, 2019
Hymns of the Huron Hi-Res Album Artwork, by Jamie Chiu 2019
Kat Steih Hi-Res Promo Photo by Heather Nash, 2019


Kat Steih  | +1 (734) 255-6346

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