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Kat Steih is an artist, musician, and educator with a philosophy of using improvisation to express the "emotion of the moment." Her creative output includes 15 solo albums as an electronic music producer as well as collaborations with the bands Walk Your Bike and March of the Ant. Kat is an accomplished vocalist, sound designer, and composer. Much of her solo output has been released under her stage name iO Megaji. She has performed throughout the United States, as well as in Korea, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and Denmark, with a focus on free, powerful expression the whole time. 

Kat's artistic path has not always been a smooth one. She has had to overcome obstacles including learning disabilities, performance anxiety, and singing difficulties including vocal surgery and a period of vocal rest when she could only speak for a few moments per day. 

Hymns of the Huron is Kat's first release after surgery as well as her first time recording her own songs with others.  

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